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SInce 2012


Leslie holding soap 2.JPG

       from a dream to reality...       

I am crazy about making bath and body products!!  I am a self taught soap maker who has always dabbled in making bath products by getting information from books and the internet.  It started out as a small side business with my need to create and has grown over the last several years as my passion for it has also grown.  I have since expanded into many other bath products such as bath bombs, salt scrubs, lip balms and whipped soap.

My passion is to create luxury spa quality products that look good, are fun to use, and above all, good for you! All of our products are handmade by me and a lot of time and effort is put into creating them.  I add nourishing and essential oils and butters to every one of my products unlike most store bought products that often contain nasty chemicals just to have a longer shelf life.  I believe now more than ever, customers are looking for more natural products. 

I believe bathing should be an experience that you look forward to every day...your time to unwind, relax and enjoy!  I have created many wonderful products to wrap you in luxury and tickle your senses!


With Love,


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