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Are you looking for a new way to add fragrance in your car? Check out our new refillable diffusers where you can choose from a wide range of fragrances! All of our fragrances are paraben and phthalate free.


You choose the strength and intensity of the fragrance. For a more subtle fragrance, tip over for just a few seconds. For a more intense fragrance, tip over for up to 10 seconds. Make sure lid is securely screwed on before tipping bottle.


Hang in your rear view mirror or in any other small area to leave a pleasant smelling space! Approx. 6 ml

WARNING: Do not tip car diffuser over too often or for too long as cap may become saturated and cause spillage. Wipe up immediately if there is spillage.


Eucalyptus Spearmint - clearing properties of euclyptus and uplifting sweet notes of spearmint


Muskoka Boathouse - strong aroma of cedar with saffron


Vanilla Bean Marshmallow - aroma of marshmallow cream with honey, almonds and warm vanilla caramel


Warm Vanilla Sugar - intoxicating vanilla, white orchid, sugar, jasmine, and sandalwood


Mountain Lodge - a fresh scent of cedar, sandalwood, and patchouli


A Thousand Wishes - sparkling white wine with hints of jasmine, peony, sandalwood, amber and musk

Tahitian Vanilla - smooth vanilla bean rounded out with subtle notes of geranium and rose


Green Tea + White Pear - notes of crisp citrus, pears and apples


Tropical Splash - think tropical fruits… sweet and tangy


Blackberry - tangy, sweet, fruity juices notes of blackberry

Sea Salt + Sage - sparkling citrus, crisp sage and salty driftwood

Pink Grapefruit - fresh sweet citrus reminiscent of the fruit

Coco Cabana - juicy orange, apple and creamy coconut

Brazilian Bum Bum - salted caramel on a bed of pistachio

Car Diffuser

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