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This shower steamer is fantastic for calming your mind and spirit with 100% essential oils of lavender and tea tree.


What is a shower steamer you ask?? Well it’s a whole lot of fizz and a whole lot of fragrance. Shower steamers are made with a high concentration of essential oils and many also have added menthol for that ultimate aromatherapy experience!  With this mold, you can choose how many quarters you would like to use, from one for a very quick shower to 1/2 for a regular shower or maybe more if you just don’t want to get out! You can customize your shower however you like!


My preference is to put 1/2 of the shower steamer on my soap shelf closer to my nose so I get the full AMAZING effect of the essential oils. You can also put it on the shower floor between you and the shower head. You want to put it away from direct water so that it doesn’t fizz away too quickly but you do want the water droplets to hit it so that it will start to activate dispersing the aroma all around you. Breathe in and enjoy!


⚠️CAUTION: NOT TO BE USED AS A BATH BOMB Because of the high concentration of essential oils, these should not be used as a bath bomb. It is too strong for your skin. 80g Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, lavender and tea tree essential oil, Polysorbate 80, menthol crystals, mica



Relax Shower Steamer

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